Our Mission

The mission of our club is to provide you an excellent time spent filled both with fun and relaxation. Besides the great golf and tennis courses, we also offer lessons for beginners. Whether you are up for recreational or professional sports activities, we will make sure to provide only the best of it.

We are continually following these sports on professional development, and make the latest innovations regarding improving technique both for tennis and golf. When you decide to become our member, you are getting full membership and access to the best courses, equipment, and of course, your personal, professional trainer. Recently we started

Our golf club, besides the sports activities involved, manages with great restaurants, which will satisfy the appetite and taste of every visitor. You can make your selection between Apopka Neighborhood Restaurant and Larry’s Poolside Grill.

We encourage you to visit our site on a regular basis, as we will keep you updated with the latest sports news from all around the world. We have also posted very helpful basic tips for beginners, which you will find most useful before visiting us.

For new memberships contact us, our team will be more than happy to help you.