Basic Tips for Tennis

The serve or service in tennis is one of the most complicated shots due to the combination of different variables in its execution: technique, posture, and strength. With the tennis tips, we will achieve a good serve coordinating each movement based on training effectively.

How to do Excellent Service in Tennis?

With the ten tips to improve the serve in tennis, we will learn some secrets for excellent service in tennis, achieving incredible results as well as progressing in our playing technique.

Control Tennis Serve

The greater the energy that we use in the service, the higher it will be to return the ball by the opponent. We must bear in mind that when exercising a higher level of force, we will need to control the placement of the tennis ball in the place we want.

Ball and Tennis Racket

Properly hold the tennis racket and ball. We will keep the ball with the fingertips and bring the ball closer to the hand that holds the noise to align the serve, moving our weight forward.

How to Properly Hold the Tennis Ball?

Bouncing the Tennis Ball

Before throwing the ball, we will bounce the ball on the ground 2 or 4 times. We will drop the ball without boosting it since it could cause us problems when it comes to making a correct serve.

Throw the Tennis Ball Correctly

The tennis ball should be thrown at the height of the right shoulder for greater control of the gesture. We will use the whole body to use more force when hitting the ball, exercising it with the legs, torsion of the waist, and hitting. Also, when the ball hits, the body will be well aligned.

When we make the shot, we will have to look at the ball, and the racket will go in the direction of the court exerting the force in the final movement.

Control Tennis Serve

Alternate long and short serves in tennis. In this way, we will force the rival to have a good rest. For each type of service, we will hit the ball in different ways, and we will choose one or the other depending on each situation.

Impact the Tennis Ball at Waist Height

At the moment we hit the tennis ball, we will do it at or below the waist according to the tennis regulations. On the other hand, we will have at least one foot in contact with the ground.

Analyze the Rival in Tennis

We will carry out different types of serves to study the strong and weak points of our opponent. To do this, we will vary the impact, depth, and direction of the service to obtain a higher direct score.

Top Serve Technique

To carry out this technique, we will accompany the service with the body through a forward movement. If we use this technique, we will win the net before the rival can respond.

Slide Serve Technique

When using the slide serve, the opponent will be forced to approach to hit the ball quickly before it hits the ground.

Use the Necessary Time

We will take the time required to get out of tennis, without stress or anxiety, getting adequate service. Also, by spending enough time to perform the service, we will avoid the acquisition of unnecessary and harmful vices for the game.